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Support the Hotel Lincoln Window Replacement Fundraiser!

You can contribute to the Hotel Lincoln Window Fundraiser through Pay Pal by clicking on the "Donate" button below...


You can download and fill out the following form, and mail it with your check to:

Hotel Lincoln Project
PO Box 143
Harrington, WA  99134

Hotel Lincoln Window Fundraiser Flyer

Personalized Brass Plate Reward

We gladly accept any amount, and all donations are tax-deductible. You may fund an entire window, and as a thank-you have a personalized brass plate attached to it at these levels:

Red Level = $750
Blue Level = $850
Green Level = $1500

When you donate via PayPal, please email us your dedication that you want engraved on the plaque (10 words or fewer), or fill out and mail us the downloadable form above.

These funding levels correspond to the different window sizes.


Questions? Email us at or call (509) 481-3262.

Thank you!


Celebrate Harrington's Annual Fall Festival
And Rich History In Lincoln County
Saturday, September 23rd, 2017

mule-drawn combine

Come and see what is going on in Harrington during Fall Festival! There are many historic building restoration projects in progress. We welcome you to tour and discover the town of Harrington, Eastern Washington's best kept secret!

Harrington Post Office

The former Harrington Post Office has been renovated from top to bottom over the last couple of months. The front windows have been restored to their original size and the interior has been updated to house a coffee shop and gathering place. It will offer coffee, food, high speed internet, and a much-needed gathering space for our community.

Post office

Insurance Office Storefront Restored

The building next to The Post & Office, which was once Turner Insurance, has received a facelift with new matching windows and door.

Turner insurance storefront

Harrington Haus

The Harrington Haus is a famous landmark in
Harrington and once was the best place in
town for steaks and hamburgers. It is currently
under restoration for commercial use. Stop by
and see what is going on!

Harrington Haus

The Harrington Opera House

The Harrington Opera House and Bank Block Building was constructed in 1904. On January 11, 1992, the Harrington Opera House Society was founded to preserve the building which had fallen into a state of serious disrepair. The Harrington Opera House encompasses the entire south portion of the Bank Block with major rehabilitation accomplished in what is now the Auditorium, Lobby, and Art Room.

Harrington Opera House

Tours will be available from 9 am-noon during Fall Festival, Sept. 23rd. The HOHS Rummage & Vintage Jewelry Fundraiser will be held from 9 am to 3 pm at the Willis street entrances.

Hotel Lincoln

Pictured just before opening day 1902, the Hotel Lincoln was ready for business. It is planned to open as a hotel once again when fully funded and is currently being restored. Hotel Lincoln is on the Local, State & National Register of Historic Places. A fundraiser for window replacement is being held and tax deductible donations accepted. Contact Karen Allen for information (509)481-3262. Located on the corner of Sherlock and 3rd Street.

Hotel Lincoln 1902

Tour hours Saturday, Sept 23, 9 am- 3pm.

The Studebaker Garage

Studebaker Garage

The Harrington Ford Garage was built in 1916. Allen Jay Barth purchased the garage in 2010 with the hopes of making a Studebaker Museum. He had a vision. He knew he could create something that would put Harrington on the map and bring people to town. He succeeded in that goal and in the process made lots of friends. Allen passed away unexpectedly in June. His family is moving forward with his plans for the Studebaker Garage. The garage will be open during fall festival from 9 am -3 pm.

This is what we've been doing the past two years. Historic preservation is a lot of work, and a lot of attention to details!

JUNE 2015

Blayne Foley and his crew rebuilt the brick parapet wall and chimney at the Hotel. The last picture is the finished "topped" brick. Foley carefully rebuilt each chimney that were originally used for the coal stoves that heated each hotel room.

Blayne Foley and crew repairing brick parapet

repaired brick parapet

finished brick parapet with topper


Hotel Lincoln gets a new roof and structural roof repair!


Removed flooring in storefront, banded wood, organized and stored wood. Community members help take flooring out of storefront. Pictured left to right, Stephen Hardy, Jack Eiselstein, Mayor Dillon Haas, and Jerry Allen.

flooring crew

demolished floor


Brought historic awning indoors for rehabbing.


Sub-flooring in storefront is removed with help from the community members.


Moved flooring to basement and stored joists in upstairs.

MARCH 2016

Last of flooring, water pipe and misc. wood removed.

APRIL 2016

Recycled misc. pipe.
Fascia board installed on west side of hotel roof.
Eight Queen Anne windows are removed from frame and rehab begins on them.

JULY 11, 2016

Commercial gutters and downspouts installed on the west side of the building.

tall ladders up to the roof

JULY 17, 2016

Storefront is excavated and leveled.

JULY 2016

Many donations come in for the windows!

AUGUST 14, 2016

The 8 Queen Anne windows are restored and re-installed on
the east side of the building.

Queen Anne windows restored

Queen Anne windows closeup

SEPTEMBER 10, 2016

Rock re-pointing workshop is held, Blayne Foley is the
instructor, 15 community volunteers re-point 350 sq. ft. of
rock wall in a few hours time! A great day.

rock re-pointing workshop 1

rock re-pointing workshop 2

SEPTEMBER 2015 Window Campaign

Hotel Lincoln entered a fiscal sponsorship with the Institute for Washington’s Future for window replacement. The goal is to raise enough money to replace all of the deteriorated operational windows in the building, along with the storefront
display windows and the upper bank of windows above the storefront.

By the Fall of 2016, IWF had received enough contributions from generous donors towards windows, that 16 windows can be replaced. These donations will purchase some key windows on the east side of the building. A sincere “thank you” for your assistance and contributions! There are
still 51 windows that need to be replaced. We will
continue to work with IWF on the window project as
well as working on the restoration of Hotel Lincoln.


Stonework completed in the west entry of the storefront by
Blayne Foley and Jerry Allen.


Removed old windows in storefront so that footings can
be poured and the storefront framing can be reconstructed
for new windows.


Flooring removed in the mezzanine, nails removed, wood
banded, creating opening to the storefront entrance below.

MARCH 2017

Started rehab of 5 Queen Anne windows from the south
side of the building.

What’s Next?

Structural steel to be completed in the north end of
the building and it’s storefront. Structural corrections with
steel along with concrete and masonry work to be done with
current supplies on hand. First order of donated windows will
be purchased.

Follow our progress on Facebook

Click the following link to read a PDF summary: hotel-lincoln-update3_31_2017

wood flooring before removal
The storefront floor is partially removed in this picture (on the left).
The nails in the flooring are 3" finish nails and are difficult to remove. Stephen Hardy is pictured here collecting the nails that have been removed.






Pictured from L to R are Jack Eiselstein, Jerry Allen and Dillon Haas removing the last piece of wood from the sub floor.
All of the flooring has been removed from the sub floor and is ready to be organized. The holes on the right are where footings will be poured, and steel posts and beams will be used as part of the final structural support in the hotel.
From L to R are volunteers Stephen Hardy, Jack Eiselstein and Dillon Haas along with Jerry Allen. These fine gentlemen worked in single digit temps to help with the project.
sizing banding wood floor
Wood that is organized by size, banded and ready to be stored until we are ready to re-use it in the hotel.
storefront wood floor project
Wood flooring to be de-nailed and organized.
wood flooring
Flooring ready for sizing and banding.


Hotel Lincoln is getting a major improvement! First project this spring is the restoration of the parapet walls on the north, south and east side of the building. This photo shows where work has started. The four sections on the top left of the building are in process.


In this photo, you can see the rebuilding of some of the many chimneys which originally were for the in-room coal stoves.