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We have completed the restoration of 13 Queen Anne windows plus #14, one very large 5’x3’ Queen Anne window!

windows funded, east and south

We are focusing on the installation of the 13 double-hung windows that boast a Queen Anne window over each of them. These windows are on order and should be here in mid-February. Installation will follow after they arrive.

As we complete the structural work in the storefront and get the framing done, windows will be ordered and installed in the new face of the commercial space. Our next goal for window replacement will be the north side, lower and mezzanine levels.

The initial idea for Hotel Lincoln was to complete the restoration of the entire building and open it for business. This idea had to be reinvented due to the past economy. Nobody wants to hear the problem, just the solution. On the drawing board is a plan to phase this project beginning with the main level first.

  • Install 13 new windows on east and south side
  • Complete the storefront commercial bay including structural work (concrete, steel, framing)
  • Install new windows in storefront
  • Complete the mezzanine area and office space
  • Begin work on the lobby and south end of the Hotel

We have been fortunate to have The Institute for Washington’s Future assisting us, and the many donors who have sponsored the window replacement project. We would like to extend our sincere appreciation for those generous people who support our project not only with funding, but with kind words, or assistance volunteering with physical work.

WE APPRECIATE YOU!!! You make a difference.

We welcome hearing from you so please contact us if you have any questions.

Harrington Days parade, marching band

A Look at 2017

Last year went fast! Our fiscal sponsor, The Institute for Washington’s Future, received donations from some very generous people who care about historic preservation, small town economic development, and restoration. By the end of 2017, Hotel Lincoln had enough sponsorship for windows to purchase 24 windows! We could not be more thankful for the generosity of the donors! Thank you to all who contributed.

New Biz on the Block

Heather & Justin Slack beautifully restored the historic Post Office and opened a coffee shop, The Post & Office. Plaskon has opened The Wild Hair Salon at the historic Studebaker Garage.

The Chamber

The Harrington Chamber of Commerce has been busy! They led many activities over the past year that have contributed to the cohesive unification of citizens and civic groups in town. They are continuing this work and moving full speed ahead! Thank you Harrington Chamber of Commerce!

The Sandlot

Speaking of The Harrington Chamber of Commerce, one of their goals this year is to begin developing the empty lot in the center of town. A group was formed to work on this task. This includes seeking funds and designs for the empty lot. The end purpose is for community and visitor use.

We look forward to what this group brings to life and how it will benefit the business district in the future.

We will continue to send out updates periodically on the progress of the Hotel Lincoln project and other relevant news.

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