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A huge thank you to Greg Bowman and Jerry Allen for installing these beautiful windows in the storefront of the Hotel. The windows were donated by Scott and Debbie Hutsell and the Spokane Preservation Advocates. Again, we could not do this without the help of great folks like you!

A look back helps to see how much ground we have covered in the restoration of this beautiful, historic building. Photo 1 is from 2009 when we started the project. Photo 2 is from April 2021.

You make a difference.

hotel in 2009, old windows
2009, old windows


hotel in may 2021, new windows
May 2021, restored neon sign, new windows, and refurbished store front


new store front windows, May 2021
new store front windows, May 2021


new store front windows, new trim and rosettes paint


2020 was a great year for the Hotel Lincoln. In February the Department of Archaeology and Historic Preservation awarded three grants to rural projects in Washington State. The Hotel Lincoln was fortunate to be one of those chosen. The grant award was for $70,000 to be used to complete the structural steel work in the north 1/3 of the building. This important work completes the structural retrofit and helps to bridge the gap to financing finishing this area and create two spaces: a managers quarters, and a retail storefront. The work started in July and was completed in September. Steel was placed and secured in the storefront area and the mezzanine to finish strengthening and stabilizing the building. Additionally, windows were restored and installed for these spaces. The exterior decorative cornice on the building was cleaned and stabilized as part of the grant work. It will be repaired and painted in the spring. We are grateful for the grant and what it accomplished!

More happening…

So much more going on that is a positive move forward! Local artist and retired farmer, Leslie LePere, raised funds to restore five local ghost signs. The Hotel Lincoln has two and they were both restored through this funding by artist and farmer, Gavin Wagner. Ghost signs are an art form meant to draw attention to a business or product. With this fresh look, the Hotel Lincoln is turning heads proving the signs work! Add the vintage neon “Electric Hotel” sign and you can’t pass without looking or stopping. Mr. LePere was a vital part of connecting us with our contractor, restoring the ghost signs, assisting with tools, restoring the steel beam above the storefront with eye catching color, and often times supplied lunch for us while we were working. The friendship and support from Les and many others, is priceless.

The buck did not stop there…we were very enthusiastic about engaging a local contractor to do the structural work. Greg Bowman, U&I Remodeling, Inc. and his crew did a great job safely, on time and within budget. This allowed for some additional work to be done that was written in the grant as “in-kind” which we planned to do ourselves as part of the required match. They were able to rough-in the storefront facade! At the end of the project, the Hotel Lincoln has all of the windows purchased for the storefront, beautiful new fir doors for the front and a new door for the back. This was more than we could have hoped for. It was a great summer/fall, and we continue to work towards the complete restoration of the building.

Our sincere appreciation goes out to you for your support and assistance in our project. We could not have done it without you!


Scissor lift for storefront work
Scissor lift for storefront work
Contractor Greg Bowman
Contractor Greg Bowman


Greg Bowman and crew
Greg Bowman and crew



Merry Christmas!
Merry Christmas!


Hotel Storefront, October 2020
Hotel Storefront, October 2020


The Hotel Lincoln, along with two other buildings in Harrington's Historic downtown, received funding to restore ghost signs. There was a lot of work and effort that went into organizing and executing this project. A huge "thank you" to Leslie LePere for raising the funds, Gavin Wagner for doing the restoration, and for the generosity of the donors. Once again, you make a difference.

Ghost signs are an art form and deserve to be preserved and used for the intended purpose, to get your attention! The Hotel Lincoln has a second ghost sign on the north side of the building that will  be restored later this year.

Gavin Wagner restoring ghost sign
Gavin Wagner, graphic artist/sign painter


Leslie LePere watches ghost sign restoration
Leslie LePere, professional artist and fundraiser


Kady Luzny inspects sign restoration
Kady Luzny, photographer and history enthusiast

2018 was busy and eventful. (See Hotel Lincoln 2018 Goals and Update for a review of 2017 and a 2018 forecast.)

  • By the end of summer 2018 the 13 double hung windows were installed, along with the complete rehabilitation and installation of 13 Queen Anne windows. In addition, the 3’x5’ Queen Anne window was rehabbed and installed over the newly restored lobby doors. All of the exterior trims were  finished down to the caulking between the trim and brick.
  • Footings and preparation for stem walls in the storefront were completed, and the storefront structural and framing is the next project on the docket for spring 2019.
  • The vintage "Electric Hotel" sign is being restored and should be back to the hotel this spring. We look forward to the sign lighting up the corner of 3rd and Sherlock once again. It has not been lit up for over 40 years.

Institute for Washington’s Future will continue to support our window fundraising efforts as we still have over 40 windows to replace. We appreciate all of the generous donations that were given to the project last year. Thank you! Your generous contributions make a difference.

removing hotel lincoln neon sign
Removing the neon sign for restoration
Lobby doors before restoration
Lobby doors before restoration
fir and glass lobby door all beat up and weatherd
Interior lobby door before restoration
Lobby doors after restoration, all pretty now
Lobby doors after restoration
Restored interior lobby door, all pretty
Restored interior lobby door
windows all beat up and weathered
East side window before restoration
East side window after restoration
East side window after restoration
South side door before restoration
South side door before restoration
South side door after restoration
South side door after restoration
East side before windows restoration
East side before windows restoration
East side after window restoration
East side after window restoration
christmas tree in window and streetlight

We have completed the restoration of 13 Queen Anne windows plus #14, one very large 5’x3’ Queen Anne window!

windows funded, east and south

We are focusing on the installation of the 13 double-hung windows that boast a Queen Anne window over each of them. These windows are on order and should be here in mid-February. Installation will follow after they arrive.

As we complete the structural work in the storefront and get the framing done, windows will be ordered and installed in the new face of the commercial space. Our next goal for window replacement will be the north side, lower and mezzanine levels.

The initial idea for Hotel Lincoln was to complete the restoration of the entire building and open it for business. This idea had to be reinvented due to the past economy. Nobody wants to hear the problem, just the solution. On the drawing board is a plan to phase this project beginning with the main level first.

  • Install 13 new windows on east and south side
  • Complete the storefront commercial bay including structural work (concrete, steel, framing)
  • Install new windows in storefront
  • Complete the mezzanine area and office space
  • Begin work on the lobby and south end of the Hotel

We have been fortunate to have The Institute for Washington’s Future assisting us, and the many donors who have sponsored the window replacement project. We would like to extend our sincere appreciation for those generous people who support our project not only with funding, but with kind words, or assistance volunteering with physical work.

WE APPRECIATE YOU!!! You make a difference.

We welcome hearing from you so please contact us if you have any questions.

Harrington Days parade, marching band

A Look at 2017

Last year went fast! Our fiscal sponsor, The Institute for Washington’s Future, received donations from some very generous people who care about historic preservation, small town economic development, and restoration. By the end of 2017, Hotel Lincoln had enough sponsorship for windows to purchase 24 windows! We could not be more thankful for the generosity of the donors! Thank you to all who contributed.

New Biz on the Block

Heather & Justin Slack beautifully restored the historic Post Office and opened a coffee shop, The Post & Office. Plaskon has opened The Wild Hair Salon at the historic Studebaker Garage.

The Chamber

The Harrington Chamber of Commerce has been busy! They led many activities over the past year that have contributed to the cohesive unification of citizens and civic groups in town. They are continuing this work and moving full speed ahead! Thank you Harrington Chamber of Commerce!

The Sandlot

Speaking of The Harrington Chamber of Commerce, one of their goals this year is to begin developing the empty lot in the center of town. A group was formed to work on this task. This includes seeking funds and designs for the empty lot. The end purpose is for community and visitor use.

We look forward to what this group brings to life and how it will benefit the business district in the future.

We will continue to send out updates periodically on the progress of the Hotel Lincoln project and other relevant news.

Thank You ribbon banner

WINDOW UPDATE: Our first phase of fundraising for the Hotel Lincoln Window Replacement Project is happily and thankfully complete. Twenty-four out of the seventy-one windows are funded total.

detail of window frame with handle

A large donation by a very generous donor was received last week and the four windows on the south street level of the building are now sponsored!!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Our first window order was placed this week and we are more than just a little excited about it. We will continue our fundraising efforts, and wish to thank everyone who donated to this amazing historic building project.

The Institute for Washington's Future is continuing to accept donations on behalf of the Hotel Lincoln to replace the building's deteriorated windows. IWF has received enough donations to fund the windows on the street level and storefront on the east side of the building.

The next group of windows to replace are located on the south side of the building. These windows are a priority as they are so fragile and weather-worn, they are boarded up.

If you sponsor an entire window you will receive a brass plate with a personal dedication associated as a thank you. You may also donate any amount (no donation is too small). All donations are tax deductible.

How to donate:
Mail checks to:
Institute for Washington's Future
Window Project
PO Box 143
Harrington, WA 99134

Online you can go to and donate via PayPal.

We would like to thank all of the donors who have generously given and continue to support this building that is on the local, state, and National Register of Historic Places.

Celebrate Harrington's Annual Fall Festival
And Rich History In Lincoln County
Saturday, September 23rd, 2017

mule-drawn combine

Come and see what is going on in Harrington during Fall Festival! There are many historic building restoration projects in progress. We welcome you to tour and discover the town of Harrington, Eastern Washington's best kept secret!

Harrington Post Office

The former Harrington Post Office has been renovated from top to bottom over the last couple of months. The front windows have been restored to their original size and the interior has been updated to house a coffee shop and gathering place. It will offer coffee, food, high speed internet, and a much-needed gathering space for our community.

Post office

Insurance Office Storefront Restored

The building next to The Post & Office, which was once Turner Insurance, has received a facelift with new matching windows and door.

Turner insurance storefront

Harrington Haus

The Harrington Haus is a famous landmark in
Harrington and once was the best place in
town for steaks and hamburgers. It is currently
under restoration for commercial use. Stop by
and see what is going on!

Harrington Haus

The Harrington Opera House

The Harrington Opera House and Bank Block Building was constructed in 1904. On January 11, 1992, the Harrington Opera House Society was founded to preserve the building which had fallen into a state of serious disrepair. The Harrington Opera House encompasses the entire south portion of the Bank Block with major rehabilitation accomplished in what is now the Auditorium, Lobby, and Art Room.

Harrington Opera House

Tours will be available from 9 am-noon during Fall Festival, Sept. 23rd. The HOHS Rummage & Vintage Jewelry Fundraiser will be held from 9 am to 3 pm at the Willis street entrances.

Hotel Lincoln

Pictured just before opening day 1902, the Hotel Lincoln was ready for business. It is planned to open as a hotel once again when fully funded and is currently being restored. Hotel Lincoln is on the Local, State & National Register of Historic Places. A fundraiser for window replacement is being held and tax deductible donations accepted. Contact Karen Allen for information (509)481-3262. Located on the corner of Sherlock and 3rd Street.

Hotel Lincoln 1902

Tour hours Saturday, Sept 23, 9 am- 3pm.

The Studebaker Garage

Studebaker Garage

The Harrington Ford Garage was built in 1916. Allen Jay Barth purchased the garage in 2010 with the hopes of making a Studebaker Museum. He had a vision. He knew he could create something that would put Harrington on the map and bring people to town. He succeeded in that goal and in the process made lots of friends. Allen passed away unexpectedly in June. His family is moving forward with his plans for the Studebaker Garage. The garage will be open during fall festival from 9 am -3 pm.