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wood flooring before removal
The storefront floor is partially removed in this picture (on the left).
The nails in the flooring are 3" finish nails and are difficult to remove. Stephen Hardy is pictured here collecting the nails that have been removed.






Pictured from L to R are Jack Eiselstein, Jerry Allen and Dillon Haas removing the last piece of wood from the sub floor.
All of the flooring has been removed from the sub floor and is ready to be organized. The holes on the right are where footings will be poured, and steel posts and beams will be used as part of the final structural support in the hotel.
From L to R are volunteers Stephen Hardy, Jack Eiselstein and Dillon Haas along with Jerry Allen. These fine gentlemen worked in single digit temps to help with the project.
sizing banding wood floor
Wood that is organized by size, banded and ready to be stored until we are ready to re-use it in the hotel.
storefront wood floor project
Wood flooring to be de-nailed and organized.
wood flooring
Flooring ready for sizing and banding.

Thank you for funding window replacement! Your support has been a huge success, and we are down to 20 windows to replace!

  • The structural work and framing in the storefront are completed, including new windows on the street side!
  • Our next goal for window replacement is the north side and mezzanine levels. As these are funded, we will move to the west side of the building.

We will continue fundraising for windows in the building. Your generous contributions make a difference. We still have approximately 20 windows in need of replacement.

Contribute to the Hotel Lincoln Window Fundraiser through PayPal by clicking on the "Donate" button below. (You do not need a PayPal account to donate with a credit or debit card.)


Download and fill out the following form, and mail it with your check to:

Hotel Lincoln Project
PO Box 143
Harrington, WA  99134

Hotel Lincoln Fundraiser Form

Questions? Email us at or call (509) 481-3262.

Thank you!



Hotel Lincoln is getting a major improvement! First project this spring is the restoration of the parapet walls on the north, south and east side of the building. This photo shows where work has started. The four sections on the top left of the building are in process.


In this photo, you can see the rebuilding of some of the many chimneys which originally were for the in-room coal stoves.